Retrain your nervous system and unlock change

Get empowered to overcome CRPS and reclaim your life.

Learn powerful brain, sensory, and movement training techniques based on neuroplasticity and engage in daily sensory exercises – all with a personalized plan designed by your coach.

Heleni's Story

"TrainPain has been my savior, and I totally recommend it. I was dealing with a level of pain that incapacitated me; I couldn't work, couldn't walk far with my little kids, slept almost the entire day. TrainPain got me back to being functional. I can walk my kids to school, I'm even looking for a job again. TrainPain retrained my brain to function again, to focus, to be goal oriented. I do not let pain rule my life anymore."
How It Works

8-Week Neuroplasticity Based Program

Live Sessions Online
Video chat with a private coach who specializes in CRPS & neuroplasticity.

Get a customized weekly plan and feel supported every step of the way.
Sensory-Brain Training
Make daily mind-body retraining easy with our gamified neuro-wellness tools.

Uses gentle touch sensations and gamified sensory-awareness exercises to train how your brain interprets and responds to body sensations.
Level Up Your Skills
Unlock new strategies each week for brain, sensory, and movement health.

Get a clear roadmap to put the skills into action and make lasting change you can feel in your body.
Award Winning Program

Awarded the grand prize in innovation from the American Academy of Pain Medicine.

Start your journey to conquer CRPS

What the 8-week program includes:
4 private sessions online with a neuroplasticity coach and ongoing email support.
A weekly plan with science-based techniques to retrain your nervous system.
Daily 15 minute sessions with our proprietary neuro-wellness training tools (equipment mailed to your home).
$995 including equipment. If you have financial hardship and need a discount, please contact us.
Not sure if it's for you?
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