Meet the Team

For us, pain is personal.

Our Mission

We're an international team of healthcare professionals, scientists, technology experts, and people who've lived with persistent pain.

Neuroscientists have recently made groundbreaking discoveries about neuroplasticity, pain, and sensory sensitivity.

Unfortunately, many of these insights sit quietly in academic journals.

Our mission is to turn these science discoveries into practical technologies that can benefit millions of people in the world.

The TrainPain Team

Dr. Elan Schneider, DPT

Co-Founder, CEO
Physical therapist specializing in pain science, clinical education, and digital therapeutics. Dr. Schneider has special interest in the science of sensory sensitivity, embodied psychology, chronic pain, mindfulness and design of interactive digital health experiences.
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Laurence Nash

Co-Founder, CTO
Engineer with an excitement for connecting the analog and digital worlds. Three decades of lived experience with persistent pain, and now on a mission to develop scalable technology for positive social impact.
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Prof. Christopher Eccleston

Science Advisor
Professor of Pain Science and Director of the Centre for Pain Research at University of Bath. Winner of the Ronald Melzack award for contribution to pain science and author of "Embodied: the psychology of physical sensation".
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Noah Falstein

Medical Game Design
Former Chief of Game Design at Google
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Eric Bernath

Marketing & Strategy
Former strategy lead for global payer & marketing executive teams at Amgen
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Kristina Kiki Olofsson

Creative Director
Former Creative Director of Candy Crush
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Joletta Belton

Community & Education
Medically retired firefighter, writer, speaker, and patient advocate.
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Donna Sullivan

Partnerships & Outreach
Patient advocate, pain community leader, and mother of children with complex pain conditions.
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Tarek Natsheh

Product R&D
Software Development
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Adam Frankfurt

Product R&D
Software Development
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Jenny Zsigo

Customer Operations & Logistics
Over 10 years experience in customer success & operations.
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Tuvit Shlomi

Product R&D
User Testing & Quality Assurance
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Fred Bernardo

Product R&D
Visual Design, Art & Animation
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