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For us, chronic pain is personal.

Pain affects us all. The suffering of chronic pain goes beyond gender, nationality, race, or religion.

We are inspired by recent findings in pain neuroscience that show that chronic pain is "plastic". That the cells in our body that produce pain, are alive, and that they can change. This makes it possible for pain to improve, and for life to get better, even when we still have ongoing disease or injury.

Our mission is to use these neuroscience insights to develop affordable science based products that empower people to help themselves reduce body discomfort and improve quality of life.

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Our Team

Dr. Elan Schneider

Co-Founder, CEO
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Laurence Nash

Co-Founder, CTO
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Brooks Tanner

Co-Founder, CFO
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Noah Falstein

Medical Game Design
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Professor David Yarnitsky

Pain Science & Research Advisor
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Vicki Tan

Product Design / UX Advisor
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Tarek Natsheh

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Sara Promislow

Clinical Research Coordinator
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Joletta Belton

Patient Education & Engagement
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Jeanne Prigent

Game Art & Illustration
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Dori Adar

Game Development
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