Overcome pain and live well again.

TrainPain is a neuroplasticity training program to promote health in your nervous system and reduce the impact of persistent pain.

Grand Prize winner in the 2023 innovation competition of the American Academy of Pain Medicine & MIT Hacking Medicine

TrainPain is a wellness program built by healthcare professionals and delivered through an interactive video game experience.

Patented brain training

Exercise your brain's natural ability to turn the volume down on unpleasant body sensations.

Personalized for you

The TrainPain app monitors your progress and automatically adapts the program for your nervous system.

Reduce the impact of pain

Learn science-based strategies to reduce stress, promote movement, and help you get back to the activities that bring you joy.

Home-based training

Access the complete program from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits your schedule.

Delivered through games

Daily 15-minute sessions include brain training exercises and practical strategies to promote health in your nervous system.

Support and guidance

With TrainPain you are not alone! Our support team knows what it's like to live with pain, and will be there to encourage you along your journey.

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Inspiring Results

Feedback from TrainPain
users and researchers

“I haven't touched water in two years because of how it feels on my hands...today I just cleaned three windows without gloves!”

Study Participant
"Our participant didn't want to stop using the program! She wanted to extend the sessions and keep the tech."
Clinical Researcher
Mt Sinai Hospital
“It is amazing! I know of nothing else like it. I notice my foot is definitely feeling less “angry” than usual and there has been remarkable improvement in the sensations in my toes."
Study Participant
“I can honestly say that after a minute or two of training, I forget that I'm doing this for my health"
Study Participant
"I just had a call from a participant, She feels very good and asked me if it's possible to keep and purchase the device to continue when our research study will be over."
Clinical Researcher
University of LIege
“It’s become part of my routine and I look forward to it”

Study Participant
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