We empower people with chronic pain to live well again.

Our mission is straightforward, yet ambitious: Develop practical and effective tools that address the epidemic of chronic pain.

We create digital experiences that don't just distract from pain, but rather address the underlying dysfunction in the nervous system that perpetuates chronic pain.

Our comprehensive digital platform helps people with chronic pain get back to their lives.

1. Therapeutic Video Games that Retrain the Sensory Nervous System

Our technology brings body sensations into mobile video games, enabling a novel sensory desensitization training experience. The system can objectively track function of the sensory nervous system in real time, and create a personalized desensitization training for each individual user.

Our neuro-training games do not require sensors, VR, or electrical simulation, and can be used independently at home.

2. Guided Self Care

Tips and guidance to equip patients with the skills required for effective long term self management of symptoms.

Our content is developed by a team of patient advocates and healthcare practitioners who specialize in chronic pain education.

3. Online Community

Chronic pain often is accompanied by social isolation and stigma. Our moderated online community gives patients a place to connect with each other, sharing encouragement, positive social connections.


It’s time for innovation in chronic pain care.

With the support of eHealth Ventures and its partners