Overcome Pain. Live Well Again.

TrainPain helps people with complex pain syndromes unlock the potential of neuroplasticity training.

TrainPain's innovative platform enables you to perform neuroplasticity training easily at home.

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Home-based Training

Neuroplasticity training is an approach for promoting health in the body's nervous system.

Our tactile-pods and mobile game make it easy to perform neuroplasticity exercises at home.

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Training Pods

The training pods deliver gentle tactile sensations, and enable you to perform the neuroplasticity exercises.

Exercises involve directing your focus to different areas of the body to sharpen your sensory perception and attention skills—all while training your ability to filter out irrelevant or unpleasant sensations.

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Training Game

Neuroplasticity training requires repetition and practice. We make the exercises fun and engaging through a delightful mobile game.

As you play, the game measures your abilities and adjusts the challenge level of the exercises.


TrainPain's neuroplasticity training program was awarded the 2023 Innovation Grand Prize from the American Academy of Pain Medicine.

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Neuroplasticity training that’s fun, accessible, and makes an impact.

“TrainPain is amazing! I know of nothing else like it. I notice my foot is definitely feeling less “angry” than usual and there has been remarkable change in the sensations in my toes."  Female, CRPS 10 years


Highly Satisfied TrainPain Users

In a recent collaboration with an academic medical center, 93% of TrainPain users with chronic pain would recommend the program to a friend or family member.


High Success Rate

In a recent collaboration with an academic medical center, 89% of TrainPain users with chronic pain reduced the impact of pain on their physical activity, sleep, and mood within 8 weeks (average improvement of 44% on pain interference scale).


Increased Enjoyment of Life

In a recent collaboration with an academic medical center, 75% of TrainPain users with chronic pain increased their enjoyment of life within 8 weeks (average improvement of 54%).

How do i join?

TrainPain's early access program is now available for people living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

The cost of the program is $10/month (cancel anytime) and a one time fee of $99 for the TrainPain kit.


Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up for the TrainPain program and a training kit will be mailed to your home. The kit includes training pods which enable the neuroplasticity exercises.

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Step 2: Set up

Download the TrainPain app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to start your daily 15 minute training session.

Place the pods on the body regions you want to train. The kit has instructions on how to set up the pods.


Step 3: Daily Training

During 15 minute daily sessions, you will perform mindful sensory-attention exercises which involve focusing on sensations to solve tasks in a fun mobile game.

The exercises train the way your brain notices and responds to sensations in your body, and promote your brain's natural ability to turn the volume down on unpleasant sensations.


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