The Science Behind TrainPain

Developed by a team of leading healthcare professionals, scientists, and game developers, TrainPain leverages the latest neuroscience to create a powerful training tool.

Let's learn about some of the key scientific ideas that inspired our approach.

Neuroplasticity - Our Ability to Change

Neuroplasticity is our nervous system's remarkable ability to rewire itself by forming and strengthening nerve connections throughout life.

Neuroplasticity is what allows us to learn, forget, and change how we feel in our body and mind.

TrainPain leverages this potential by providing specific sensory experiences that target neuroplasticity.  

By engaging in these experiences daily, you can strengthen neural pathways associated with focus, relaxation, and sensory awareness. This, in turn, can help you improve focus, manage stress, and reduce physical discomfort.

What's Sensory Modulation?

Sensory modulation is the brain's ability to adjust its sensitivity to different types of sensory information. This allows us to focus on important things, like our friend's voice in a noisy coffee shop, while filtering out less important thoughts, sensations, and other distractions.  

Sometimes, due to reasons such as stress, an old injury, or even genetics, the brain can struggle with this modulation. The brain get can get "stuck" over-focusing and amplifying certain sensations or thoughts, such as pain, stress, or repetitive worry. The TrainPain program is designed to address this.

By incorporating gentle tactile sensations and engaging in sensory perception exercises, you can train your brain's ability to choose which sensations get dialed up, and which sensations get filtered out.

Why Games Enhance Neuroplasticity Training

Neuroplasticity training relies on repetition to solidify new neural pathways. Games make this process more enjoyable, helping you complete the necessary training sessions.

But more importantly, games activate the release of dopamine, a brain chemical that plays a crucial role in strengthening new neural connections.

Studies show that training with games leads to more neuroplasticity than training without games.

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