How It Works

1. Get the TrainPain kit

After signing up for TrainPain, a training kit will be mailed to your home, which includes the training pods.

The training pods deliver gentle-vibrations, and enable you to perform the neuroplasticity exercises.

Download the TrainPain app to your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone.

2. Set up your session

Place the pods on the body region you want to train.

For example, placing the pods on your shoulder let's you train neuroplasticity in the brain-pathways that receive sensory-signals from your shoulder.

3. Play the training game

TrainPain exercises are delivered through a mobile game, and require you to pay attention to gentle-vibrations from the pods, focusing on some sensations, while ignoring other sensations.

These exercises train your brain's natural ability to turn the volume down on unpleasant body sensations.

4. Track your progress

Daily training sessions are 15 minutes long.

Once a month, you'll perform a sensory-brain assessment so you can track your progress over time.

It is recommended to use the TrainPain program for at least 3-months.

5. Learn science & skills

Learn about the cutting-edge discoveries in the field of pain-science, and get practical tips to promote health in your nervous system.

Join the TrainPain program today!